Miyax Dogs interviewed for ‘Wolfdog Radio’

Julie Bradshaw/ January 24, 2018

Miyax Dogs were very pleased to be invited to talk about the Saarloos Wolfdog on International Wolfdog Radio. Julie at Miyax, chair of the Saarloos Wolfdog Club of the UK and Eire was asked to talk alongside Gerrie Pols, the chair of the AVLS Dutch Saarloos Club, all about the Saarloos breed and how the breed is preparing for the

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How Miyax Puppies are raised

Julie Bradshaw/ March 17, 2017

Everyone loves puppies! But did you know there are critically important developmental phases and classical conditioning periods your puppy will go through before even joining your family? Puppy raising is an art and a science. Do something at the right time and the puppy will benefit for its entire life, do the same thing at an inappropriate time, and the

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Saarloos Wolfdog 2017 Puppies

Julie Bradshaw/ March 16, 2017

Miyax Dogs plans a Saarloos Wolfdog litter for summer 2017. This pure bred Saarloos Wolfdog litter will be produced as always following the strict ethical guidelines of the World Of Lupines Federation and the Saarloos Wolfdog Club UK guidelines. These puppies will be FCI registered and raised following the Puppy Culture Program for socialisation during the first critical 12 weeks

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Miyax Lupine Dog Bella supports Mercedes at Crufts 2017

Julie Bradshaw/ March 16, 2017

Miyax Lupine Dog – Bella (Miyax Romulus) enjoyed supporting Mercedes at Crufts 2017. She met lots of new people and new dogs. She loved every minute of the attention she received from visitors and made her owners very proud!  Well done Bella.  

Puppy Culture – Seminar UK

Julie Bradshaw/ January 25, 2017

A fantastic weekend at the Puppy Culture Seminar in Coventry with Animal Events UK. Miyax Dogs follow the Puppy Culture Program and fully endorse the Puppy Culture revolution among conscientious breeders looking to prepare their puppies for success in 21st century life.

Romulus & Remus have arrived!

Julie Bradshaw/ June 19, 2016

On the evening June 17 2016, Miyax welcomed two healthy puppies into the world. A Wolfgrey Male – “Remus” and a Wolfgrey Female – “Romulus” aka “Romie”. Both large size at over 600g born and already gaining weight rapidly. Both puppies already have their forever homes lined up when they reach 10 weeks old. We are super impressed with the

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