Miyax Dogs is the family home of Julie and Andrew, their children and a small pack of Lupine Dogs.

Miyax Dogs are a dedicated family team and work hard throughout the year attending worldwide canine educational events, public displays, canine training demonstrations and conformation shows to promote the responsible ownership of Lupine Dogs.

Miyax Dogs are part of the World Of Lupines Foundation.

Miyax Dogs raise all their puppies with the Puppy Culture program and can be found on their Worldwide Breeder Map.

Miyax Dogs aims to provide lupine companion dogs which are loyal and loving family pets, capable of working in a variety of disciplines. They are particularly suited to canine sports such as CaniX and Rally. They perform well in 121 work and are proving excellent in Teaching Dog roles. Special emphasis is placed on producing Lupine Dogs who are emotionally stable, physically healthy and free from genetic disease.

Miyax Dogs ultimate goal is to create an affable, intelligent, versatile, lupine companion dog with a long, healthy life span to look forward to. Free from hereditary disease and with the aim to be free from the conformation flaws frequently seen in today’s large breed dogs.

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