World Of Lupines Foundation

From the beginning, the dog has been ‘man’s best friend’. But today, many puppies are sadly bred only for commercial gain. Their health and happiness and that of their parents, tragically comes second to either making cash or creating the next show-ring fad.
Our goal at the World Of Lupines Foundation (W.O.L.F.) is to help preserve and protect this most sacred of bonds between man and nature by promoting the highest ethical standards for raising Natural-type dogs as family companions.

The aim of the Lupine Dog breeding programme is to re-create the health and vitality of the naturally evolved canine, removing all symptoms of physical extremism, but with a well developed social companion nature. They should possess a natural, wolf-like appearance, poise and ease of movement – however unlike a wolf they are behaviourally adapted to a domestic living environment. Mans best friend, as nature intended.

Miyax Dogs are World of Lupines Foundation W.O.L.F. Registered Breeders.